Friday, December 09, 2005

You know, for kids.

There were worries the camera's fall yesterday might have affected the lens or focus, but our camera tests came up negative, which in doctorspeak means good - no problems. So that leads us to Day 2...well, not quite.

Last night still on Day 1, we had an actor scheduled to work on Day 2, pull out of the project. Remember the actor I mentioned in an earlier post playing Danny, the troubled student Archie takes under his wing. Yeah, it's a sizable supporting part. To give you movie people an idea, he's number three on the call sheet. Yeah, exactly. Well, it's not unprecedented in filmmaking and there is quite a long list of student films that suddenly make their directors or gaffers their stars when an actor fails to show up. No film is immune from this, even Hollywood budgetbusters. At least they called us to say they weren't coming.

So, a late night scramble to find an available actor for the part. That leads us to Katherine. Believe it or not, she agreed to do the part and show up the next day on less than 12 hours notice. Applause. And by the way, she did pretty well.

So...Day 2 - We had make-up today. Sunny, but colder. Our DP sported a bad-ass band-aid under his eye. Unfortunately, I was wrapped early and didn't get to see some of the cooler effects, flashback shots, and Danny's dead father hanging from a shower rod. I'm told it was a life-size prosthetic. I apologize to anyone who reads this for not sticking around to watch all the exciting stuff, so as a consolation, I'll talk about the grip department.

Our key grip, Chris C., who is probably the tallest person on the set, earned his dolly stripes today on some particularly precise, slow and creepy, dolly moves. It's also a generally held belief that he's the best looking grip in Atlanta. In fact, on movies where two people named Chris are working in the grip department, he's aptly differentiated with the nickname 'good looking Chris.' I'd also like to spotlight another of our grips, Nick, who is not only an old friend of mine, but he drove up from Miami where he currently lives to work on this film. He has two nicknames: Nicky-dollars and Cracker Jack. The latter he calls himself, and as we all know, you cannot give yourself a nickname. Our Best Boy Grip is Mike G. and our other company grip is, whoa...Chris K. I have yet to hear anyone call either one 'good looking Chris', so I can only determine that the verdict is still out.

Adam, the DP, just arrived. We're roommates. He's leaving to watch dailies somewhere.