Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Camera of Blood Car

The camera once touched by THE George Lucas arrived this morning. Well, it wasn't actually touched by GL, but a camera just like it was. Let me explain the connection. We're shooting this feature film on the Sony F900 CineAlta, the HD camera that made its most famous debut on the set of Star Wars II - Attack of the Clones. Ours, to my knowledge, has not been modified by Panavision, but if anyone from Panavision is reading this and is willing to modify our lenses, we certainly will not turn you away.

Hugh, our 2nd Unit DP/Director, shot about 6 minutes of insert photography today of me in the Blood Car, which is a black two-door Honda Civic. Actually, it was just my hand on the stick shift, turning the key, etc. Since the car is not mine, I had trouble turning the key in the ignition as quickly and fluidly as Hugh demanded, which would have thought-provoking implications in the final film in regard to Archie's libido. Unfortunately, none of the shot footage was usable because of a technical mishap. Oh well, my hands needed the practice.

I also rehearsed with the young actor playing Danny, a troubled elementary school student Archie takes under his wing. His real name is John, or Jon, and he attends Soape Creek Elementary School. I was intrigued by the name and, allegedly, a librarian at the school claims its name originated with an actual creek called Soape Creek. How that creek got its name is, dare I say, Swiftian in subject. According to the librarian, back in the days when Marietta wasn't yet Marietta, a giant lived next to this same creek and one day, he was bathing and he dropped his soap in the creek. Occam's razor in effect yet again. I suppose the 'e' was added later for aesthetic reasons.


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but what was the simpler(sp? explination?

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i am the biggest fan ever. i deserve at least a walk on or a mention in the credits reading:

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