Thursday, December 15, 2005

Lentil Loaf

Once upon a time, there was a Vegan Stand. Across the from the Vegan Stand there was a Meat Stand. They were the only two stands in a forlorn gravel lot where it always rained. Lorraine operated the Vegan Stand and she had very few customers. Denise operated the Meat Stand and she had more customers than Lorraine, but still not very many. Often times, Denise would steal Lorraine's customers. Lorraine didn't like this, but she was powerless to stop it. One day, the Vegan Stand suffered a tragic accident with Lorraine inside. We have not seen her since.

Day 7 - What we shot today reminded me of two things: One, the banana stand in Arrested Development and two, a children's picture book about veganism. I commend Robert P. and his art crew on their work. Thanks to Glenda, our script supervisor, the creators of Blood Car avoided an potentially embarrassing error. You see, in the script, Archie purchases wheat germ with which to experiment. Well, wheat germ in our world is green, but wheat germ in reality in brown. So just before shooting the scene where wheat germ in mentioned for the first time in the film, Glenda says matter of factly, "That's not wheat germ. Wheat germ is brown." So, the script changed from that moment on and wheat germ became wheat grass. I believe others may have commented on this incongruity earlier on in shooting, but I'll credit the correction to Glenda because she seemed to initiate it at the time.

Another near miss was a line spoken by Archie the vegan: I'm a vegan. Notice anything peculiar. Well, if you're vegan, you don't say, "I'm a vegan.", you say, "I'm vegan." Like I'm Catholic or I'm Russian or I'm tall. For sparing us humiliation amongst vegans worldwide, we must thank Anna Chlumsky. It was her first of three days of shooting with us. She has enriched the Lorraine character of the script with a different dimension - less nerdy, but goofier.
She currently lives in Brooklyn, and I think I overheard her say she was part Croatian, which would make us countrymen, ahem...countrypeo-, ahem...fellow Croats.

Notes for today:

-After reading one of my earlier posts complaining about a lack of gummi bears on set, Michael G. brought me some. They were a big hit with Anna, Barrett, Glenda, and myself and we were all in agreement that the paradigm of gummi bears is a gummi made by HARIBO. Michale G. also shot some behind the scenes today, a first for the show.

-We were ready to start shooting before the Grip/Electric truck arrived this morning. The entire department had overslept except for Tom P. Luckily he had some equipment in his trans am: four c stands and some gels. We were well advised to wait.

-An AD handed me a call sheet at wrap for the first time on the show.

-If you want to eliminate seeing your breath on cold days, do not put ice in your mouth. It is an old wive's tale.