Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Alex, Archie and The Unthinkable

Alex, the director of Blood car(also the producer, editor, co-writer), and I drove to a recording studio today to read an up and coming rapper for the part of the Carjacker. His name is Mista Malt, possibly Mister Malt. Though the cold read went great, the most dramatic event of the day happened on the way home after lunching in Ikea's cafeteria.

At the corner of 10th St. and Juniper, Alex and I sat idling in the picture car, the blood car if you will, waiting for the light to turn green. Wouldn't you know, the day before principal photography is to begin, a car which I believe was a Subaru - the medallion on the grill displayed stars - SLAMMED into us from behind. Neither one of us heard it coming, nor did we screech to a halt at the light, putting the driver behind us in a precarious position. We had been sitting there for a fifteen to twenty seconds and then...BAM! Alex's phone flew to the floorboard from his ear. We sat in the car stunned until a worried white man in his early thirties approached us on the driver's side and mouthed "Are you allright?" or "I'm sorry." or something. Alex and I checked ourselves for injuries, and then exited the blood car to see if it sustained any damage.

None. Not to the blood car nor to the Subaru. This might sound melodramatic, but if that unsafe driver had been traveling ten miles faster than he was, we might not be starting shooting seven hours from now. I was quite shook up and still am as I write about it. He could have put both the director and the lead actor in the hospital due to his carelessness. Later on I worried that the blood car could have been wrecked, but c'mon, it's a blood car. If anything can take a beating and keep on traveling on our roadways, it's the blood car. Hopefully, the maiden tank of blood would be furnished by a careless, white, Subaru-drivin' man.