Sunday, December 11, 2005

Agent Two becomes chip dust.

Day 4 - 1/3 of the show is complete. We're hitting our stride. People who show up as PAs are falling into different departments. Our process trailer work gets quicker and quicker and better and better. The funny is, well, becoming funnier.

An agent heavy day, where we the audience are actually allowed to meet two agents and learn about their relationship. Those agents, Agent One and Agent Two, are played respectively by Vince C. and Hawmi G., who flew down from NYC on his on bill to be in the film and also a former GSU-er. Unfortunately, their relationship turns sour over a difference of opinion about professionalism, and Agent One grinds up Agent Two in the blood car's fanblade trunk. For this effect, which reminded me of that scene from Tremors where Victor Wong gets it in his own grocery store, our blood team was in full effect, armed with hoses, sprayers and buckets of blood. Any fears the crew may have had about making this blood car convincing as a machine that turns human blood into fuel were wiped away by this effect. T'was extraordinary.

I'm not sure what it is about fake blood on a set that just makes the morale livelier. I suppose it's the vicariousness of moviemaking in conjunction with violence and death. You are afforded the privilege of being creative with death, of lackadaisical with blood, which are not activities available to sane people. That may be a presumptuous remark coming from someone making a film titled Blood Car. I just love to watch how gore is created from everyday household items.

And I've officially adjusted to being an actor on this film. I can take catnaps on set. My questions are answered immediately. I've demanded gummi bears for the past few days, but none has showed up. Maybe tomorrow. Usually, I'm working behind the scenes, so on this film, I must resist the gravitational pull of echoing an AD or helping lay dolly track or you name it. Mainly, I try to stay warm because for some reason only known to film productions, this film is set in the spring/summer and not in the dead of winter, which is what it feels like. My wardrobe...pants and a t-shirt...the entire film. Don't worry, the t-shirts change. All are handmade and a select few read, "Dolphins are dandy", "meat is murder in the worst degree" and "learning at the speed of you". On especially windy days, I never take my coat off until I hear the words 'camera speeds'.

Oh, and I can almost drive a manual transmission comfortably(Blood cars just run better with a manual transmission.). Hills remain the only issue. But once I nail that, I'll be a man.