Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The ball was left in Stockbridge.

Today was a day of learning. We faltered forward. The movie is almost over and I am sad for that.

Day 11 - Last night, the actress playing Mrs. Butterfield, Archie's sedentary octogenarian neighbor, canceled for some reason unknown to myself. That left us in a pinch during the morning hours while people scrambled to find a substitute. Luckily, our UPM Becky C., masterfully located one of her sister's former co-workers(something like that anyway) and convinced her to join the production of Blood Car. While we waited for her to show up, we were also waiting for the picture car to arrive, which was left at our location in Stockbridge last night.

The set today was the exterior of Archie's apartment. I don't want to presume the expectations of others, but I, along with others, went in today thinking we didn't have as much to shoot as days before. In fact, it was much more. It seemed like too much was scheduled. I fear the scene of Archie building the blood car suffered due to our rushing. Only editing will confirm/deny that. I could be wrong.

We had a couple new faces on set today that deserve special mention. They are Shawn G. and Day(sic?). The former is actually a former GSU classmate of mine and Hugh. Currently, he is a props assistant in Atlanta and his wealth of on-set experience was invaluable. Day, who I didn't have a chance to get to know very well, seemed equally old hat with the filmmaking business. She also wore a 21 grams knit cap for the first half of the day.

At sundown, we moved to Mi Barrio on Memorial drive to shoot scenes at a Mexican restaurant, which also was dressed for restaurant scenes in a BBQ joint. For the BBQ scene, I had to devour slab after slab of ribs. Because of the season and my laziness in using moisturizer, the sauces stung my hands. This was the most difficult scene in the film for me to play. It did not start that way, but it became that way.

Am I like Archie? Yes, and no. Yes, we have similar dreams. No, I would never kill anyone(Though Katherine who plays Danny, when I told her that comparison, said, "You never know." I guess, technically she's right.) I'd like to be a teacher. I like to ride my bike and and I am mildly obsessive about recycling. Archie is more solitary than I am, at least I think he is. Some might disagree with me there. In summation, I could easily be Archie, without the killing people to fuel a blood-powered automobile of course. That's crazy.

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