Saturday, December 10, 2005

Repentance & Nostalgia

Day 3 - The guilt from leaving early yesterday was so overwhelming that I opted to stay beyond my wrap to witness Blood Car's homage to Goodfellas. I don't want to divulge too much about the film, so I will leave out the context in which we honor Joe Pesci's character's killing. However, I will admit it plays much funnier in our version than in Scorsese's.

Today was our first day with agents. For those of you who haven't read the script, let me summarize. Archie develops a car than runs on blood. The government, represented by secretive, spying men in suits, discovers the invention, and they must have it - the blood car. Perhaps they've been on to Archie all along. These two agents were played by Adam S. and John G., respectively a PA and a dayplaying electric. It shouldn't surprise you that members of the crew double as extras. In film school, it's one of the many production commandments. More of necessity, really. Their costumes were purchased by our Costume Designer, Stephanie. She currently is attending graduate school at West Georgia, I think, and has a extensive background in costuming for Los Angeles. Not bad for a moneyless film, eh?

My parents served homecooked tacos for the crew today. Barrett, video assist, observed that my family seemed very wholesome. He's right, we are, though I might be the least wholesome of the bunch, which is still pretty wholesome compared to some of the libertines we have working on this crew. (sarcasm) It reminded me of the days of 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade when your parents would make a dish for the class and bring it in or join you for lunch in the cafeteria and sit with you and your friends while you ate lunch. I miss that.

It was also a very nostalgic day for some of us because we had the highest count of GSU film school graduates on set today. Let me count them...Alex(close enough), Adam, me, Max M., Goldberg, Will S., Robert P., Dan P., including several current students, Becky and Sherry. I'm sure our professors would smile with pride if they visited our set, and please consider that an open invitation GSU professors.

A few notes:

An Austell resident named Mason, 10, after seeing me covered from face to waist in blood, asked to have his picture taken with me. No problem.

Another Austell resident performed an ole fashioned ditch burning from approx. 1pm until dusk. I offer no explanation.

Today was Chris K.'s birthday. He's 24. Happy Birthday.