Monday, April 23, 2007

Sarasota Film Festival - In closing

Looking back, I regret that I wasn't able to blog from 'the emerald city' of Sarasota each and every day as I did in San Jose. As a result, I don't think I was able to fully come to terms with the experiences of that trip and concomitant film festival. There's a void, Jerry, a void. A deep yawning chasm. Pictures are worth thousands of words and I've selected a few to sum up the trip.

No1. The SFF doled out merchandise vouchers to all attending filmmakers, which could be redeemed for a variety of items. They mistakenly gave me two, so I went home with one t-shirt and these sandals. I am rarely afforded the opportunity to spend a week without wearing shoes. Thank you Sarasota.

No2. I snapped this photo not in honor of Wachovia, but in honor of Jacques Tati's Playtime, which screened at SFF as part of the Architecture series in glorious 35mm. His film may not change your life, but it will change the way you see; and not just the way you see buildings. Until this film is as well known as Jaws, I'll consider it lost. I saw two other classic films during my Sarasota trip, of which only The Flowers of St. Francis is worth spending time watching.

Nos3-4. The next two deal tangentially with Blood Car. I snapped this photo of a UPS truck just on a whim, but today I read in Time magazine that UPS is nearly complete in its mission to phase out all left turns by its drivers to reduce carbon emissions which accumulate quite rapidly while idling at traffic lights. Astonishing. How do I know this driver is making a left turn? If he was making a right turn, the picture would be a brown blur...because the truck would be moving, not idling. Next we have a traffic update from Sarasota. I hope someone forgot to change the 'Year to date" numbers. If not, Sarasota on pace for record breaking fatality statistics.

In's a word association of things I didn't blog about: gelato, Archie's children, Noah, little hamburgers, Ellen Barkin, celebrity near-misses, Paris, Je t'aime, Ray Tintori and Death to the Tinman, Alex Ott, Swedish Weekend, time crisis, ms. pac man, talkative old people who ruin afternoon movies, film festival Bob, Of Montreal, autographs, trolleys, blondie, Jackie Treehorn's doppelganger house.

No5. Dear Sarasota, we hope to be back next year.

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