Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Pillow Talk

Our most recent ADR session involved myself and Katie R., who plays Denise in the film, interacting after copulation. This photograph is actually staged, but I do about the same thing while we're actually recording. Though this pillow talk was planned all along, it was never actually scripted until today. Alex wrote two pages in about twenty minutes with some input from Katie and I and Adam P. the DP, who was working on iconic designs for the Blood Car poster.

Some ideas that were tabled included a silhouette of a gun shooting a car out of the barrel, with blood spewing from the chamber; the blood car sinking into the ocean(think the Exxon Valdez photo), with blood spreading out into the sea. There were others, too.

This room used to be a closet, but Jon S. converted it into an sound booth by essentially adding insulation to the room, then building another set of walls inside of the original walls and then adding the corrugated foam you see here. It has one bare light bulb in the ceiling. But it's air conditioned and not at all claustrophobic.

Alex O. has brought in a number of actors from the film over the past week to record additional screaming. These people include several agents, Marla M., and Mr. Malt.

Today was my turn for screaming, only these screams were intending for a scene in which I murder someone, all the while delivering a guttural killscream. It's one of Archie's most harrowing moments. I have a little video of this which I will attempt to post on my myspace page because, let's face it, what else is it good for?

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Neil Huber said...

Mr. Brune, I must confess I'm quite excited by these latest developments. Smart eyeglasses, too.