Monday, February 20, 2006

The Rough Cut

Today, I saw the official "Rough Cut" of Blood Car. Running time - one hour and thirty nine minutes. If movie running times were graphically represented by a bell curve, we'd be in the meaty part of the bell, maybe even near the clapper. I enjoyed every second of it. Our editors, Adam P., Alex O., Jon S. and Chris C. have logged countless hours working on the film, both at their homes and at what I'll deem edit central, the house of Jon S., which overlooks an Atlanta cement factory, to put it romantically. The story of Archie and his blood car have carried over from script to screen. No matter what happens henceforth, they have succeeded.
Now, since we lack a composer for the film's music(Comment below if you're interested.), our editors substituted some classics for certain scenes just to liven up the experience. It's also a helpful editing tool. Here goes...Stones' Paint it Black, the Lollilpop song, an orchestral rendition of Eleanor Rigby, Iggy Pop's The Passenger, and last but not least is some music from the denouement of Scarface, which was used in the denouement of our film. Now, when this film is released on video, I task you to, in Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Wizard of Oz fashion, pop in the soundtrack to Scarface and play that piece over the final moments.

Now, just because I enjoyed every second of the rough cut doesn't mean that every second is necessarily good or should be in the final film. A film morphs through each stage. For instance, in one scene, while we were shooting it, I thought it would be quite funny and really hum, but watching it I noticed the chemistry was really lacking between the two characters save a few nice bits of banter. In another instance with a completely different scene, the opposite happened. One of the most fascinating things about editing is something Adam P. and I discussed briefly following the screening is that sometimes you have to leave mediocre scenes in your film because they serve the story. In editing, they often tell you have to or may be forced to cut your 'babies' or favorite scenes. Well, just as often, you may be compelled to keep the babies you'd rather give up for adoption.

I will say this about Blood Car. Notwithstanding some corny moments or aborted FX, it has a good ending. Such a thing can never be undervalued. Never.

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Anonymous said...

Corner of Center and 10th, north edge of Tech campus looking east. - GB

Tredekka said...

I thought of a couple of taglines you could use. The first one is horrible: "In the exhaust...a holocaust!!" and assuming you get a wide release on the Fourth of July weekend: "Get your blood pumping July 4th."